League2GO manages your sports league for you to make sure your time is spent doing something other than finding replacements. Set up your league in minutes and League2GO will be your assistant manager who takes care of the boring job.

Automatically replace your absent players

Configure the criteria of your choice such as the positions of players, their skill level as well as your favorite substitutes and League2GO will do the rest! The system will automatically contact the players in your substitute bank according to your choices for full and balanced alignments for each game.

Pay your replacements online

The time of running after the money at the arena is over. With League2GO, replacements can pay for their game on the mobile app or on the website. It’s easy, simple and safe. The money is automatically transferred to your bank account.

Substitute payments
Substitute payments

Easily manage your stats and league standings

League2GO provides you with all the tools you need for your sports league, such as statistics and ranking management. Easily enter the score during or after the game and the statistics will be calculated automatically.

Statistics table.
Statistics table.

Contact your players in two clicks

Email lists are not needed anymore. You can easily send a text message or email to all players in your league or to a subgroup.

Set up your league website in 5 minutes

Without any programming knowledge, you can easily build your own league website with statistics, rankings and news. You can also add custom pages with the content you want.

Example of a league web site.
Example of a league web site.

And even more!

Yes! Register your league here or send us an email at info@league2go.com.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at info@league2go.com.

By Simon.