With the new mobile app, you have access to all the features of League2GO, anytime, from your iPhone or Android phone. The use is always as simple and fast.

iPhone and Android supported
iPhone and Android supported

For players

  • View your schedule as well as the alignment of each game
  • Declare your absence in seconds
  • View the ranking, statistics and the results of the games

For substitutes

  • Open the app automatically when you click on a replacement link to accept in a instant

For managers

  • Replace absent players automatically in terms of their rankings and if they are favorites
  • Configure your league according to your criteria
  • Manage game schedules and alignments
  • Send customized messages to players and substitutes
  • Enter player statistics and results for ranking
  • Manage your seasons
  • Customize your league’s website

To download the iPhone app, go here.

For the Android version, go here.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at info@league2go.com.

By Simon.